AWA Members Matter is a Yahoo! Group available to AWA members only. The group is essentially an AWA distribution list that can be used to contact all existing AWA members who have registered for AWA Members Matter. It also stores all prior messages posted through the group. Members will find the AWA Members Matter group to be an extremely helpful resource by which to share knowledge and to learn about finding services and products, travel and medical information, and Jakarta-life in general. Although it is recommended that all AWA members take advantage of the AWA Members Matter, it is not a requirement of membership. 


What is its purpose? To allow AWA members to access Jakarta’s greatest informational resource: each other! It is meant to provide an avenue for AWA members to do the following: 

 Enquire about life in and around Jakarta 

 Ask for advice on finding certain foods, items of clothing, toys, etc. 

 Organize a group of AWA members for lunch, dinner or a movie 

 Inform AWA members about a moving sale 

 Request tips or recommendations for travel excursions 

 Offer constructive feedback on how the AWA can better serve its members 

 Promote an AWA event or activity 


What is it not? The AWA Members Matter should NOT be used for: 

 Promoting, advertising or in any way publicizing a personal business or product 

 Soliciting members for the purpose of marketing a product or service offered through a personal endeavor or business 

 Promoting or publicizing events and activities of charitable or commercial organizations other than the AWA 

 Promoting or sharing knowledge of illegal or unethical practices, e.g. “knock off” consumer goods 

 Disparaging the AWA or any of its members in an unconstructive manner 

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