Did you just find out that a Jakarta move is on the horizon for you and your family?  You are probably having very mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, stress, hopefulness, etc.  All of these overwhelming emotions are very normal and something that all expatriates experience. We are here for you to help answer your many questions - about what to pack, what to expect, school calendars and contact details, grocery availability, local customs and culture, and tips on how to navigate the expatriate experience.


Here at the AWA, we "have been there" and "done that".  We have a good balance within our membership for you to draw upon -- Some of us are brand new to an international lifestyle and some of us have been expatriates for decades.  We offer a monthly Newcomer's Coffee Morning to help answer your many questions and concerns.  This meeting is packed with need-to-know notes and news about life in Jakarta. 

In addition to the AWA, here are other references that may be helpful to you: 

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a wonderful online source for finding credible health information, etc. Check on any required travel immunizations for Southeast Asia here.  www.cdc.gov
  • Don't forget to register with The United States Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, upon your arrival in Jakarta.  Here you will find valuable information on visas, passports, and any updates and information pertaining to American citizens. www.usembassyjakarta.org
  • Practical information on living in Jakarta is available at www.expat.or.id. This site provides useful information about expat life to help ease your transition.  They have extensive information on housing, schooling, leisure, medical, and many other topics.
  • The Indonesian Heritage Society, www.heritagejkt.org, is a non-profit organization which offers the opportunity to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia.  
  • American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization serving as the voice of America's business community which maintains the spirit of cooperation with other organizations.  Contact the AmCham at www.amcham.or.id.  
  • The American Embassy Recreation Association or AECRA, commonly referred to as The American Club, is open to Americans and a limited number of other nationalities.  It is centrally located with a wide variety of facilities, classes, and activities.  Perfect for the family or for single membership.  Contact the Club for more information at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Here at the AWA we provide a warm, friendly place for you to land as you begin your adventure in Indonesia.  Feel free to drop us an email with any specific questions at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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